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Coding Fundamentals – Gold

The Gold Standard for Coding Fundamentals. This program focuses on laying a strong foundation for technology and future coding. With a basic understanding of hardware, circuitry, and electricity, kids can go on to obtain sensory knowledge and sharp analytical thinking skills. Scratching the surface of coding with MIT Scratch allows for a strong foundation in computer programming. Expanding further with Pseudocode and diagrammatic programming students can learn the concepts of data, conditions and procedures to ensure their success in any tech concept they may pick up in the future. 


This program is a multi-month program focused on helping school-age kids learn the benefits of robotics, a flourishing branch of computer science. Members will learn to build robots using Olympic-grade robotic equipment, program them, and experiment with various sensors, diverse projects, and more. This team-oriented program fosters collaboration, engineering, programming, and fun! The one-of-a-kind experience will prepare kids for robotics/AI careers, computer science jobs, and Olympic robotics teams


Program Pricing

Resident Rate

For residents of Warwick Township, PA


**Does not include additional potential equipment fees

Non-resident rate

For those who reside outside of Warwick Township, PA


**Does not include additional potential equipment fees


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