SBCs: Raspberry Pi .vs. Odroid

SBCs: Raspberry Pi vs Odroid

Published on April 30th, 2023

An SBC, or a single-board computer is an incredibly useful tool for programmers, tinkerers, and just anyone interested in learning more about technology! This article is an overview of why you may want to purchase an SBC and comparing two significant brands on the market, the Raspberry Pi and the Odroid!

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Why buy an SBC?

Whether you’re a kid, an established software engineer, or anywhere in between, an SBC is probably the best next step in your computer-learning process (after all, aren’t we all still learning?).

  1. Low Costs

Single-board computers are generally low-cost and are the very basis of the hardware in whatever device you’re reading this article on! Compared to purchasing an entirely new laptop or monitor for your projects and programming practice, an SBC will likely cost you about 40-50 USD on a rough average. These computers can then be hooked up to a monitor/TV easily with any HDMI cables you might have laying around your home!

2. Learn new skills in hardware and software

Learning to code on a simple laptop is fine, but if you want to get more familiar with how the hardware of computers works with the software to power the amazing machines of the modern world, consider getting an SBC! Learning circuitry, and software design in multiple coding languages, and getting more familiar with hardware is a big plus for anyone interested in computer science!

3. Efficiency and saving power

SBCs have been found to be by far more efficient than your average windows computer, and the fact that they’re light weight allows you to have your computer and information anywhere you go! They’re size also allows them to be embedded into devices with limited space. If temperature is a concern for you, these computers generate less heat as well, which may in turn prove a safer option.

4. Durability

SBCs are rugged computers and are often able to withstand harshr conditions. If this is a concern for you, I highly recommend using an SBC for your projects and everyday usage

5. Easy to set up

Most SBCs are already intact with the necessary configurations and set-ups making it very quick and easy to get started once you buy one! Once your SBC is set up, you can use it for a variety of different applications, and get started right away!

Raspberry Pi or Odroid?

Now that you’re considering purchasing an SBC for your next projects, the next biggest question is which to buy. Although there are numerous brands of SBCs for your to choose between, such as BeagleBone, Tinker Board, Pine 64 and pcDuino, I’ve found the Raspberry Pi and the Odroid to be two of the best SBCs. So let’s see in what aspects each of the computers excels in!


Comparing the Odroid-N2+ and the Raspberry Pi 4B, the Odroid has been found to have a faster processer and more energy efficient as well. If power and speed of processing is essential to your uses, the Odroid would be a better choice, making it better for games and media. The power efficiency is due to the big.LITTLE processor architecture which allows it to use less power despite faster clock speeds and a higher number of cores.


An overbearing factor in your decision for an SBC will likely be the price. Comparing again the Odroid-N2+ and the Raspberry Pi 4, the Raspberry Pi is far cheaper. The starting price for a Raspberry Pi will be approximately $35 USD while an Odroid will start off at about $80 USD.

Beginner Friendliness

Comparing the two popular SBCs, I’ve personally found the Raspberry Pi to have much more resources available for beginners, making it easier to go through step-by-step tutorials and at you own pace. While the Odroid is also a good option for new-comers, if you are not as experienced in the computing field, you may find it more challenging to navigate the Odroid world.


Despite both being SBCs, the Odroid and Raspberry Pi are usually better suited for different types of projects. The odroid, with better power and speed tends to do better with media and video games. In addition to this, the Odroid system is also better suited in supporting multiple different operating systems. The Raspberry Pi, with its compact size does better with embedded projects.


When it comes to internet connectivity and networking, the Raspberry Pi is generally the better choice. Most Pis will come with built-in Wifi and bluetooth capabilities. The Odroid, lacking these qualities despite its Gigabit Ethernet feature may not be the best choice if you’re looking for connecting to the internet wirelessly.

There are severall other factors you may want to consider when purchasing your next SBC, but I hope this overview has given you a sense of direction in which to head while you continue on your journey! Check out some more of my blogs to learn about some projects you can make with your newly bought Odroid or Raspberry Pi!

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